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First Hydrogen Train
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Hydrail - Hydrogen Railway Trains

Hydrail is a term used to describe the new breed of hydrogen railway trains. Much focus has been given lately to hydrogen cars and other vehicles, but little light has been shown on the emerging hydrail field. Hydrogen trains pack the promise of clean propulsion, fewer emissions and less dependency upon foreign oil.

Hydrogen Train

The old west may have been a time of coal-burning, black smoke chugging locomotives and more recent times have seen diesel-powered trains chugging their own share of fumes. But recent developments in hydrogen fuel cell technology have made hydrail more than just a pipe dream.

Hydrail is especially attractive for applications such as mining trains, and for railway systems at factories and military bases. The military is especially interested in hydrail since hydrogen fuel cell trains can serve as backup power generators on military bases.

The U. S., Japan and Denmark are all interested in hydrail technology. A company called Vehicle Projects out of Golden Colorado is credited with developing the first hydrogen fuel cell train. The 17-kilowatt, 3.6-metric-ton hydrogen-powered mining train, powered by Nuvera fuel cells was demonstrated in a working mine in 2002. Charlotte, North Carolina has also expressed interest in a hydrogen railway system replacing its current freight line, which connects to Mooresville 30 miles away.

Japan has enlisted a couple of different companies to compete for the honors of that countries first hydrogen train railway system. The target date is the summer of 2007. Denmark wants to be the first country in Europe to roll out a hydrogen train as well. Denmark's target date is 2010 to have a 35-mile stretch go hydrail between three cities in Western Jutland.

The First International Hydrail Conference was held in Charlotte, NC in 2005 and in 2006, the second conference was held in Herning, Denmark.

One of the most compelling arguments for adopting hydrogen trains rapidly is that a vast hydrogen distribution network will not have to be built anywhere near the scale that it will have to be built for hydrogen cars.

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The decreased mobility of a train as compared to a car will be an advantage in delivering hydrogen to just a few key refueling points along the rail line. Trains don't drive off-road or in complicated city streets and alleys like cars do, so this is an inherent advantage of hydrail.

It's true that hydrogen trains are not quite here yet, but the future looks bright. So bright in fact, that the light you see at the end of the tunnel, may one day just be a hydrogen train. And, that my friend, is a fact. Also, look for hydrolleys (hydrogen trolleys or streetcars) coming soon. The hydrolley also makes much more sense that overhead electric lines.

In a few years time you may be enjoying your San Francisco treat on a new hydrolley.

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